Wi-Fi® wireless LAN

Hand-held satellite phones

Two-way mobile radios

Two-way satellite service

Video conferencing

Internet VPN


SWS Provides Satellite and Wireless Solutions..

VSAT communications allow subject-matter experts working from headquarters and regional offices to be virtually connected to the operations of remote locations. Applications such as real-time streaming well data and video inspection of underwater pipelines can be viewed for multiple drill sites without having to travel to each location. These experts can then collaborate with on-site engineers to analyze the data, resulting in faster and better decisions.

SWS serves the communications needs of rig owners, service companies and operators working on drilling rigs and production platforms. Whether you need to equip your drilling fleet with the latest in IP communication solutions or your service company requires temporary Internet access while onboard a rig, SWS has a program to meet your specific situation.

Voice over IP

Connection to corporate PBX providing inter-office dialing or direct dialed numbers from our select carrier or use a VoIP carrier of your choice over the internet.

Broadband Internet

High-speed connectivity supporting operational and logistical requirements

Real-Time Data and Video

Immediate exchange of drilling data enabling quicker decisions