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"It's When - Not if"...

Our Public Schools and Colleges are not well equipped for a disaster or emergency. Some may take exception to this statement, but the fact is that all of the planning and practice in the world will not provide effective universal voice or video communications to our educators and emergency personnel in a crisis.

Recent tragic events in K-12 and colleges have proven the need for on-site educators and First Responders to have multiple forms of communications avaliable for un-encumbered use.  Cellular systems overload, telehpone systems become blocked, and valuable time is lost, potentially costing more life and property loss.

SWS offers a low cost solution which allows multiple disparate radio frequencies to inter-communicate at the push of a button.  Our solution is frequency independent and allows educators, campus police, local law enforcement and medical emergency personnel to pass critical information to the people who need to know.

This wireless solution is simple to operate and can be deployed in busses, campus offices, or emergency response vehicles.

"It's When - Not if" our educators and students will be in danger.

Our Founder...

Our founder, Michael (Mike) Rambo is an Advisory Board Memebr with the Harris County Department of Education - Center for Safe and Secure Schools; is Past President of the Plano Citizens Police Academy; Past executive of AT&T, Nortel and Nextel; and has been in the "hot zone" during hurricanes Gilbert and Katrina, a as an emergency communications coordinator; Mike is a FEMA Certified Continuity of Operations (COOP) Program Manager and Trainer.

Most important - Mike has four grandson's that will enter the educational system - Mike is driven to make sure educators and First Responders have all the at hand during a crisis.