Why Wait on a Disaster?

SWS offers the following Business Continuity Services:

Shared Stand-by Broadband Communications

On-call Communications Bandwidth

Private Designed Satellite Networks

Dedicated Backup Corporate Networks


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When a disaster strikes....

In the event of a catastrophic physical disaster, the loss of telecommunications applications will have a direct impact on your facility, including the potential loss of revenue and operational control. Recognizing this, SWS has a comprehensive disaster recovery program designed for business communications restoration. In the event of a disaster, calls to your facility will be forwarded to the SWS Mobile Restoration Service until your systems can be re-activated. That plan is structured to attain the following objectives:

• Restore and Maintain Voice and/or Data Communications during the time of disaster

• Minimize the impact on your business with respect to dollar losses and
  operational interference

• Maintain open lines of communication for customers, employees and community members

Our Disaster Recovery Services....

Mobile Communications Solutions - Voice, Data, Video and Internet

Satellite based voice two-way dispatch service

Backup Communications Solutions - Voice, Data, Video and Internet

ON-SITE Response with Mobile Platforms

Negotiated Service Level Agreements (SLA) for Response Time and Support

Annual Retainer Agreements for On-CALL Support